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This site is intended to help promote the global petition entiled For Christ's Sake End Sexual Abuse for good.

Here you can find information and resources that can be used to promote awareness, help spread the word about the petition as well as keep you informed about what is happening around the world and in the media.

Victorian Govt report released - Worse than Ireland?

In Australia the Victorian State Parliamentary Inquiry has released its two volume report entitled "BETRAYAL OF TRUST Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations". In short it is devastating for the Catholic Church. As one commentator who has read the report has said "this is far more critical of the Church than the reports in Ireland". The links to the news reports and to copies of the full report itself are below.

The headline is taken from the ABC television report which can be found at the link below.

ABC Abuse report image


Summary and Recommendations:

Whole Report (Vol 1 & 2):


News Reports:


Bishops Geoffrey Robinson, Pat Power and Bill Morris are calling for a council of the whole Church including laypersons, to deal with the factors contributing to child sexual abuse and the poor response of the Church.   

Goverment enquiries  will hopefully bring much light to bear on all the ways in which the leaders of the Catholic Church  have responded and failed to respond to revelations of sexual abuse over the last thirty or so years.  It is hoped that it will then make strong recommendations for the future. 

According to Bishop Robinson, “No matter how well it does its work, governments will not eradicate abuse from the Church. They are not equipped to investigate and remove all systemic causes of abuse, such as clericalism – where the status of the priest is higher than the people - andno government has no jurisdiction over the Church worldwide. 

Catholic people all over the world are sick of the scandal, and this is a chance for them to speak up and join a collective voice that will be heard in Rome.  Change is possible. 

Pope Francis needs the support of the Catholic people of the world in order to bring about this Council. 

The petition offers an opportunity to all these people to speak up and call for more radical and comprehensive action. It is an attempt to give them a voice and to enable their collective voice to become so powerful that it will be heard loud and clear in the Vatican.

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